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Welcome To Lorenz Research    

At its core an Innovation Company, Lorenz Research Associates, Inc. provides scientific and engineering solutions in support of national security, civil government and private sector challenges.

We are a technology driven innovation company with core competencies in research and development; engineering; modeling and simulation; systems integration; all source analysis and production; communications; rapid prototyping; energy systems development; sustainable technologies and program/process management.

Typical clients include the Department of Defense, Civil Government Agencies, U.S. Intelligence Community, National and Commercial Research Laboratories, and Non-Profit Research organizations.   

When measured against peers, Lorenz staff and its consultants are world class leaders in their respective disciplines. Equally important, our experienced team has worked extensively with national, strategic and tactical assets, which include overhead and airborne systems, processes, databases, applications, and tools.   

Lorenz Research Associates, along with its strategic partners, retain highly qualified consultants with technical backgrounds in the following categories: electrical engineering; digital image processing; telecommunications; signal processing; electronics; remote sensing; satellite communications and satellite operations; computer science and computer information systems; tractive systems; sustainable technologies and energy; secure facility start up and initialization; mission planning; cryptology; end-to-end system design and architecture; as well as numerous years of analytical; business development; process engineering; and management experience.   

Headquartered in Northern Virginia, Lorenz is strategically located near key customers and clients throughout the Washington, DC metropolitan area. Lorenz, along with its parent company, Data-Tactics Incorporated, has alliances and strategic partnerships within industry and academia and is well positioned to effect positive change in support of the Nation's Interest.   

Lorenz Research Associates has been selected by DARPA to research and develop new navigation and communication technologies. This exciting new development effort will research novel methods for providing navigational information to mobile units.


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